Deed Transfers, July 28 – Aug. 3

Published 11:48pm Thursday, August 9, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Beaufort County from July 28-Aug. 3:

  • Midfirst Bank to Vinester W. Floyd — Washington, Van Norden & 7th Sts.
  • Capital Bank National Association and others to Roy Sean O’Brien and others — Bath Township, lot 6, Brookshire Est.
  • Darlene B. Logan and others to Tracy Ray Logan — Bath Township, SRS 1732 & 1718, portion tract 1.
  • Wells Fargo Bank NA to Carlton Joedy Cahoon and others — lot 148, Northgate.
  • Charles M. Callis and others to John T. Carrow and others — Chocowinity Township, Carrow Ave. & SR1152, 2.59A.
  • Rebecca E. Lilley to Mark David Lilley — Long Acre Township, lot 17, Pamlico Village.
  • Shelly Bland Modlin and others to Michell Nicole Latham and others — Long Acre Township, lot A.
  • Brenda Mizell Doss (Exec) and others to Michael L. Schmitt and others — Bath Township, Ormond Ave., 0.43A.
  • Marcia C. Thompson and others to Abraham H. Van Dorp Jr. and others — Long Acre Township, 0.471A, Pamlico River, lot 4.
  • William G. Dickens and others to Theodore Owen Rhodes Jr. and others — Long Acre Township, .79A, lot 2, Broadwood.
  • Michael R. McGinnis and others to Ronald Dean Byrd and others — Belhaven UO, Bldg. A, Day Beacon #9, Unit 7.
  • Carla Everett Okonek-Smith (Tr) and others to Gary Edward Everett Sr. — Old Durhams Crk. & Respess Rds., 50A.
  • Elmer E. Estey and others to Allen J. Tiedman and others — Chocowinity Township, lot 162, Cypress Landing.
  • Weir Valves & Controls USA Inc. and others to SPM Flow Control Inc. — Long Acre Township, 71.5A, SR1501.
  • Pamlico Medical Equipment LLC to University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina Inc. — 0.82A, lot 2.
  • Branch Banking and Trust Company to Maness Management Services Inc. — lot 69, Winfield Est.
  • Joan W. Grishkot to Thomas R. Snyder and others — Long Acre Township, lot 179, Pamlico Plantation Townhomes.
  • Branch Banking and Trust Company to Michael Keith Hunter and others — Bath Township, lot 96, Bailey Pointe.
  • Somerset LLC to Shirley P. Kuhn — Washington, lot H3, Somerset.
  • Ann H. Respass and others to Rachel A. Hardison — Pantego Township, SRS 1612 & 1613, 1.0A.
  • Jerry F. Bienes and others to Michael Shane Miller and others — Washington, lot 32, Smallwood.
  • Nancy L. Burroughs and others to Charlie Moore — Long Acre Township, lot 18, Pine Wood.
  • William Robert Waters and others to William Robert Waters and others — Washington, 2 parcels, Chestnut & Queen Sts.
  • H. Rayford Lilley Sr. and others to Thomas Bryan Lilley Sr. — Washington Township, Hwy. 264.
  • H. Rayford Lilley Sr. and others to Russell Lon Lilley — Washington Township, Hwy. 264.
  • H. Rayford Lilley Sr. and others to Harold Rayford Lilley Jr. — Washington Township, Hwy. 264.
  • Harold Rayford Lilley Jr. and others to H. Rayford Lilley and Sons Inc. — Washington Township, Hwy. 264.
  • Edith Boyd Pinkham to Larry V. Pinkham and others — Long Acre Township, SR1343 N. White Post Rd., 1.36A.
  • E. Earl Barber and others to William G. Frey and others — Long Acre Township, lot 126, Pamlico Plantation Townhomes.
  • Donald D. Ward Sr. to Carl M. Taylor — lot 97-11.
  • Gloria Woolard Ormond and others to Thomas B. Ormond Jr. and others — Bath Township, several tracts.
  • James Brandon Taylor and others to Foss Recycling Inc. — Pantego Township, 2 tracts, SR1711 Saint Pauls Rd., tract 1, 0.35A, tract 2, 3.92A.
  • Edith Biggs and others to Lewis Bell and others — Pantego Township, Beaufort St., lot 135, Delta City.
  • Dorothy L. Edmondson to Mark Biddix and others — Chocowinity Township, lot 4, John R. Jones Heirs.
  • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and others to Jamie Shawn Bradsher — Washington, lot 54, Laurcour Farms.
  • David Ray Price and others to Jonathan Taylor Keith and others — Chocowinity Township, SR1119, lot 39, Hills Point.
  • Ada L. Wainwright to DRC Investments — Richland Township, Hickory Point Rd. & Center St., lots 8N & 9N & portion lot 8, Hickory Point Lands.
  • Jamie O. Cahoon to Daniel R. Cahoon — Long Acre Township, 1.43A, lot 5.
  • Janet S. Harrell and others to Melissa Danielle Nobles — Chocowinity Township, lot 9, Mills Farm.

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