Deed Transfers, Aug. 11-17

Published 10:58pm Thursday, August 23, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Beaufort County from Aug. 11-17:

  • Rebecca K. Martin Lewis and others to Sheila Carr — Bath Township, Wrights Crk. Rd.
  • Jimmie W. Brewer Jr. to Jimmie W. Brewer Jr. and others — Bath Township, lot 27, Bridgewater North.
  • Charles F. Cowell Jr. and others to NBE Farms Inc. and others — 85.3A.
  • William Arnold and others to William Bradford Rice Jr. — Chocowinity Township, 1.44A, lot 22, Sandy Ridge.
  • Cynthia Smith Congleton and others to Manfred D. Alligood Jr. — Long Acre Township,.45A, lot 9, Neck Road Est.
  • Jean Modlin Jones Henderson and others to William E. Modlin and others — Pantego Township, 2 lots, SR1715 Pungo Crk. Rd., lot A-1, 19.62A, lot A-2, 0.75A.
  • Jean Modlin Jones Henderson and others to Jean Modlin Jones Henderson — Pantego Township, 17.80A, SR1715 Pungo Crk. Rd., lot B.
  • Jean Modlin Jones Henderson and others to Doris Ann Modlin Martin — Pantego Township, 17.99A, SR1715 Pungo Crk. Rd., lot C.
  • Jimmie W. Brewer Jr. and others to Terry Suess and others — Bath Township, lots 7-8 & 18-19.
  • James L. Shelton Jr. and others to William R. Jordan and others — Washington, 2 tracts; tract 1, lot 1, Pamlico River, tract 2, lot 2, B.L. Hall.
  • Ruth R. Diller to Andrea Meyer Winter — Chocowinity Township, Pamlico River, lot 8.
  • Tamara B. Gurganus to Floyd Martin Gurganus — Chocowinity Township, lot A.
  • Jesse White to T.R. Thompson Jr. (Tr) — Richland Township, 0.527A, SR1101 Down Shore Rd., lot 1.
  • Darlene W. Elks and others to Linwood Russell Elks — Long Acre Township, lot 8.
  • Patricia M. Dorsey to Household Realty Corporation — Washington, Jackson St.
  • Lillian Ranay Dudley and others to Ethel Boyd and others — Richland Township, 1.5A.
  • Angela S. Williams Tatum and others to Patricia C. Stilley and others — SR1912, 1.5A.
  • Charis Properties LLC to Donald Scott Trower and others — Chocowinity Township, lot 7, Cypress Corner.
  • Alejandro R. Sanchez and others to Amy B. Wilson — Long Acre Township, 0.59A, lot 10, Winchester.
  • William E. Modlin and others to Charlie Neil Popperwill and others — Long Acre Township, 0.90A.
  • Russell Mack Lupton and others to Donald R. Ireland — Richland Township, Mixon Rd. & Hwy. 33.
  • Michael G. Sandlin and others to Brenda H. Dean — Richland Township, lots 6 & 7, Crystal Beach Est.
  • Bank of America NA to Stanley W. Smith — Belhaven, 1.363A, Dowry Crk., lot 105.
  • William A. Arnold and others to Walter Lee Shepard — Chocowinity Township, 0.519A, lot 6, Bear Creek Court.
  • Lisa N. Perez and others to Danny Bright and others — Long Acre Township, 8.700A, Hwy. 264, lot 1.
  • Lisa N. Perez and others to Janice B. Woolard — Long Acre Township, 8.701A, Hwy. 264, lot 2.
  • Lisa N. Perez and others to Nancy Boyd — Long Acre Township, 4.350A, Hwy. 264, lot 3.
  • Nancy Boyd and others to Lisa N. Perez and others — Long Acre Township, 2.617A, Hwy. 264, lot 4.
  • John E. Thomas and others to William Ashley Rushton — Bath Township, SR1334 Camp Leach Rd. & SR1358, 1.241A.
  • Chris W. Furlough and others to John T. Mackel and others — Long Acre Township, SR1609, 0.91A.
  • Herbert L. Poole to Herbert L. Poole and others — Bath Township, SR1718.
  • Carolina Bound LLC to Charles Stephen Gravely and others — SR1301 North Shores Rd. & Southeast Ave. & Pamlico Dr., .22A.
  • Richard S. Craig and others to Charles F. Julig — Pantego, 1.8133A.
  • Ola Parnell Deal to Terri Craig Gatlin — Chocowinity Township, Hwy. 33, lot 1 W.E. Miller.
  • Arthur Preston Norman and others to Levie C. Norman — 1.418A, Norman Rd.
  • Rick Stevens Builder LTD to Henry Lee Small — Long Acre Township, lot 27, Pirate Cove.
  • Joyce E. Bridgers to Lewis D. Barnes and others — Richland Township, lot 9, Crystal Beach Est.
  • Jerry L. Grubb and others to Bruce Ray Tripp Jr. and others — Bath Township, lot 84, Bailey Pointe.
  • Steven A. Smead and others to Jason R. Williams and others — Long Acre Township, SR1516 Lodge Rd., 1.17A.
  • Dana W. Eddings and others to Tar River Veterinary Properties LLC — Washington, 2 tracts, Bowers Ave.; tract 1, Harrington St., lots 7-9, tract 2, W. 5th St., lots 10-11, Tayloe Park.

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