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The Christmas message

Published 9:40pm Monday, November 26, 2012

In a matter of days, the Washington Daily News, in partnership with the Washington unit of The Salvation Army, will begin publishing lists of Christmas Cheer cases.
For those who’ve been in the Washington for several years at least, they know about Christmas Cheer. For newcomers, an explanation likely is necessary. Simply put, Christmas Cheer is a program through which the community makes sure there is Christmas cheer for needy folks at the Christmas season.
Under the Christmas Cheer program, a list of needy families will appear daily in the Washington Daily News for a specific period of time. Those wishing to “adopt” one of those families may do so by contacting The Salvation Army’s Washington corps by telephone at 946-2523, visiting its office or by mailing a donation to The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 877, Washington, NC, 27889.Anyone sending a contribution should put the case number for the family on the check. The number should appear on the check exactly as listed in the newspaper.
If helping with Christmas Cheer is not one’s cup of tea, perhaps donating to The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign has more appeal.
The Red Kettle drive benefits several programs that help the needy, from providing food to assistance with heating-related bills during the winter. Many of the folks manning those kettles are neighbors, co-workers and friends.
When giving to The Salvation Army or other charities during the Christmas season, remember that giving should be viewed as a privilege, not a duty or responsibility. When possible, we should share our blessings with others.
So, let’s help spread that Christmas cheer.

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