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Jobless numbers improve

Published 8:56pm Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beaufort County’s unemployment rate decreased from 10.4 percent in September to 10 percent in October, according to figures released by the N.C. Division of Employment Security.
Beaufort County’s unemployment rate has decreased each month since June, when the jobless rate was 11.3 percent.
“It’s been going down since June,” said Neal Anderson, supervisor of the DES office in Washington. “I actually went back just to see when was the last time we were under 10 percent. December ’08 was the last time we were at the level — 9.3 (percent) in December of ’08.”
Anderson was at a loss to point out one specific thing driving the slow decline in the jobless rate since June.
“That’s not a good answer, but it’s a good trend. The numbers are showing we have less people out of work. We have more people working. … There’s not any one thing specifically I can say is causing it,” Anderson said. “But whatever it is, let’s hope it keeps happening.”
Across the state in October, 76 of the 100 counties saw their unemployment rates decline from the previous Jobless rates increased in 16 counties and remained unchanged in eight counties, according to DES.
The state’s unemployment rate fell from 9 percent in September to 8.8 percent in October, according to DES.
Beaufort County’s work force totaled 21,564 people in October, with 2,156 of then without jobs, according to DES. Beaufort County’s work force in September was at 21,268 people, with 19,045 members of the work force employed and 2,223 members unable to find work, according to DES.
Hyde County’s jobless rate fell from 8.2 percent in September to 8.1 percent in October.
Hyde County’s work force in October was at 2,888 people, with 234 of them unable to find jobs, according to DES. Hyde County’s September work force totaled 2,888 people, with 2,648 people on the job and 240 people unable to secure employment, according to DES.
Martin County’s unemployment rate decreased from 11.2 percent in September to 10.7 percent in October.
The work force in Martin County in October totaled 11,536 people, but 1,237 of those people were without employment, according to DES. Martin County’s September work force numbered 11,276 people, with 10,015 people working and 1,261 unable to find job, according to DES.
Washington County’s jobless rate declined from 11.1 percent in September to 10.6 percent in October.
In October, Washington County’s work force was at 6,533 people, with 691 of them unable to secure work, according to DES. During September, Washington County’s work force totaled 6,443 people, with 5,731 people on the job and 712 people without jobs, according to DES.
For October, no county had a jobless rate at 5 percent or below. There were 65 counties with unemployment rates between 5 percent and 10 percent. Thirty-five counties had unemployment rates at 10 percent or higher, according to DES.
Of the state’s 100 counties, Currituck County had the lowest jobless rate in October at 5.5 percent. Scotland County had the highest jobless rate in October at 15.7 percent.
The jobless figures released by DES do not include unemployed people whose unemployment insurance benefits expired and who are not listed as unemployed. Factor in those people and a county’s true jobless rate is higher.

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