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Deed transfers, Nov. 24-30

Published 9:52pm Thursday, December 6, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Beaufort County Nov. 26-30:

Antoinette G. Stephens (Exec) and others to Ray Wesley Bowman and others — Pantego Township, .59A, lot 3.
Terry G. Casey Sr. to Selene-Josefina Pineda Tatum — Aurora, lot 5.
Shirley T. Ronan to John Taylor Ronan — Washington Township, Hwy. 17.
Joseph A. Windley Jr. and others to Terry E. Clayton and others — Bath Township.
Frederick R. Jorgensen and others to Kevin H. Matsil and others — Chocowinity Township, lot 10, Cypress Landing.
Phil R. Weston Sr. and others to Phil R. Weston Jr. — Richland Township, tract B, 2.583A.
Phil R. Weston Sr. and others to Phil R. Weston Jr. and others — Richland Township, tract C, 11.03A.
Stacey M. Gahagan and others to Brett A. Shepherd — Washington, Simmons & Hudnell Sts. & Park Dr., 0.48A, Wanoca.
Willie Sue Eborn to Susan W. Bowman and others — Bath Township, lot 1.
Elnethra Payton and others to Owen L. Peele — Richland Township, 24A, South Crk.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, DC and others to Harry Bailey — Harrington & Plymouth Sts.
Jesse J. Rogers and others to Carlton Joedy Cahoon Jr. and others — Pantego Township, Hwy. 264, 8.675A.
Charlene Williams to Richard N. Radcliffe — Pantego Township, Hwy. 264.
Antoinette Ferguson and others to John Fred Matkins Jr. and others — 2 tracts, Hwy. 30, tract 1, Gautier Ln.
Antoinette Ferguson and others to John David Hanson and others — Washington Township, Hwy. 17 & SR1413 Ball Rd., 3.79A.
Frederick N.Holscher and others to RHPE Rentals LLC — Washington, Market & E. 3rd. Sts., .340A.
Eric R. Baynor and others to William Stanhope Deatherage Jr. and others — Long Acre Township, Holyoke Dr., lot 5, Sweetbriar.
Anthony Beal Construction Co. Inc. to Jonathan D. Fowler — Long Acre Township, lot 47, Pirate Cove.
Laurcour Farms Inc. to John Ledden — Washington Township, lots 131-133, Laurcour Farms.
Ruby Ann Wescott and others to Tranters Creek Herring Club — Washington Township, SR1409 & Tranters Crk, 1.205A.
June L. Luciew and others to Clifford R. Jordan and others — Bath Township, 2 tracts; tract 1, lot 21, tract 2, 2 parcels, Saw Mill Landing Rd. & Harvey Crk., parcel 22A, 0.10A, parcel 22C, 0.07A, Saw Mill Landing.
Grace Ann Whitley and others to William Samuel Miles Cox Sr. — Long Acre Township, SR1319 Summerhaven Rd. & Pine St. & Beech Tree Ct., lot 1, Ridgewood.
Shirley Scott to Laura Darre and others — Washington, lots 4 & 5, Wanoca.
Aubrey Livingston and others to Edward Claywell Irvine and others — Washington, Old 2nd St., Brownsville.
Richard D. Peed Jr. and others to Errol Jay Tripp and others — Chocowinity Township, lot 73, Long Point Landing.

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