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Sound Off, Dec. 8

Published 9:00pm Friday, December 7, 2012

Washington High School has a great athletics director and girls’ varsity basketball coach. Change is hard for some. Keep up the good work.

I think we ought to fire everybody in Congress because nobody can get anything done. I’m a Republican and I lost. So, Republicans, work with the Democrats. Let’s get something done that’s worthwhile and quit this standing off and acting ugly. It’s just not what America’s about.

If people are expecting the public to buy from them at something like a craft show and the sign on the door says they open at 9:30 and you walk in after 9:30 and someone snaps at you, “We’re not open,” that’s not encouraging you to come back. When they say it should be 10 o’clock but the sign says 9:30, they should be more polite about it than being ugly and losing customers.

The person who called in the Sound Off about the Washington High School athletics director/basketball coach is a coward for doing so. He or she should’ve called the principal or superintendent about any concerns rather than calling in anonymously. If the caller can do any better, please apply for the position.

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