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The 12 days of safety

Published 9:09pm Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last week, we wrote about the Red Cross’s fire safety tips, because so many more incidences of fire occur during the holiday compared to any time of the year. This week, we bring you more tips from the organization whose name is nearly synonymous with safety.

Be prepared when making those holiday travels: have an emergency kit to take along in the car (blankets, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, compass, road maps, shovel, tire repair kit, extra clothing, flares and a tow rope). Don’t forget food and water, just in case.

Try not to travel during a winter storm but if you must, tell someone your destination, as well as the route and how long it should take to arrive. Check tire air pressure and windshield fluid. Give full attention to the road, avoiding distractions like cell phones.

Take your basic precautions to avoid getting sick — or spread any illness. Why not bring along some antibacterial hand wash?

Dress in layers. Thin layers of clothing have thin layers of air between them. Body heat warms up the layers of air, thereby keeping you warmer.

Does you babysitter know CPR? Line up a Red Cross-trained babysitter before you head out to the holiday parties. And while you’re at it, line up a designated driver, too.

And consider making your New Year’s resolutions revolve around safety: get certified for CPR, vow to replace smoke detector batteries and create a family plan in case of fire, especially for the kids.

Help you and everyone you know have a safe and happy Christmas.

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