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Angels among us

Published 10:03pm Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To the Editor:

This time of year we hear much about angels.

I have the pleasure of encountering angels every day of the year. These Angels are without wings, but they are indeed angelic.

These angels visit loved ones almost daily to encourage, share a smile and brighten the day of those that don’t have the freedom the rest of us do. I see angels that lovingly pick up loved ones’ laundry and return it. Angels sit quietly by beds reading to those who may or may not hear. Tending to the most infirmed with patience and gentleness and love.

Angels that call BINGO, rain, sleet or snow. Angels that volunteer to paint ladies’ fingernails, play piano and perform other acts of service that are beyond monetary worth.These angels would be offended to have their names mentioned for they are angels for the pure joy of the service and happiness they can share. They give of their time, their most valuable commodity. Money can be made, and given, but time cannot be earned and that’s what these precious people give.

Another sort of angel exists. These angels take care of daily needs for those that cannot be independent.These angels feed, lift, turn and give of themselves as a career. True they are paid, but there isn’t enough money to “care with love” the way angels do. For truly, what is the value of encouraging a reluctant and confused person to eat? Or combing a gentleman’s hair that cannot do for himself. Or cooking and cleaning for those with 100 different tastes and preferences and needs and wanting to please them just as you do your family. Or worrying long after you’ve punched out what more you could have done or said to somebody that’s in need of care, or a family member who is grieving.

Our elderly and infirmed have not chosen to be in the care of these angels, but I thank God angels exist to care for them. For they cannot rely on the paycheck alone, but the pure satisfaction that comes from service to those in need.

Let us all strive to be an angel 365 days a year.




To the Editor:

As most Americans, I am very concerned about the financial crisis in this nation.

In Sunday’s newspaper I found the column by Walter Williams, a professor of economics at George Mason University, very informative and helpful in understanding the severity of our plight in this country. For those who might not have the opportunity to read his article, I would like to give you the heart of his message.

It will take $8 trillion in tax collections annually to keep us from going deeper into debt (this does not address the issue of reducing the existing debt of trillions). Based upon Internal Revenue Service data, if the government took the entire annual earning over $66,000 of all taxpayers (a total of $5.1 trillion) plus the annual profits of all corporations (a total of $1.6 trillion) that would equal only $6.7 trillion, resulting in an annual deficit of $1.3 trillion and be added to our total national debt. Thus, you can see the impossibility of solving this emergency by raising taxes without significantly reducing the amount that the government spends.

We must make the hard choices to cut spending.



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