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Sound off, Dec. 12, 2012

Published 10:02pm Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sound Off highlights anonymous, brief takes on the news offered via telephone by Daily News readers.


The Washington Christmas parade was not as exciting as it has been in years past. The bands were not as exciting. They didn’t play Christmas music. The Washington parade was basically very, very quiet. And you would think a parade would be exciting and you would hear the sounds of the season. There were no Christmas carols, nobody was singing, not even the church groups were singing. The bands should play Christmas music all along the route to excite everyone. It was not a very good parade, very quiet parade. Not as exciting as it has been in years past. You should pull up some of the parades in the past years and put them on the television so people can see what a parade really looks like.


I love every column that Bartow Houston puts in the newspaper, but the one that he wrote for the Dec. 4 Daily News was even surpassed all. I wish every political candidate would read it and especially, sometimes, those in Beaufort County.


What has happened to Golden Corral? Is it still in business or has it gone out?

Editor’s note: The Golden Corral in Washington was closed for several days as it transitions from a franchise operation to a company-owned restaurant.


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