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Sound Off, Dec. 16

Published 12:38am Sunday, December 16, 2012

There are several worthwhile charities in Washington that could use city taxpayer funds, but these charities need to be funded by voluntary contributions, not city money. Informed citizens live outside the City of Washington, due to the high property tax burden. City councilmen need to be reminded that once charities are funded it is difficult to un-fund them.

If my business looked like the Washington Post Office lobby and the Washington Post Office grounds, I probably would have gotten a citation. Find out where Mr. Collins is and please get him back. Thank you.

I live in Washington Park. I am a pet owner of five dogs. I keep them in my yard. I’d appreciate it if everyone else who lives in Washington Park would keep their dogs on a leash or in their own yard. Thank you very much.

I’m calling about the Steve and Cokie Roberts article that appeared in Friday’s paper. I wonder, what is decided unscientific, about not accepting the results of manufactured data being run through models that are adjusted to produce the results, the so-called climate scientists try to produce to prove that climate change is cyclical.

I wonder if the person who was so upset about the “Young and the Restless” being interrupted, is going to be upset again about the tragedy.

While this story is tragic about the shooting in Connecticut, there are other news sources in this day and age.

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