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Write Again … We males of the species are not all alike

Published 12:02am Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It is wrong, so wrong, to stereotype, categorize, generalize, and put all people into one particular mold because of such things as age, religion, vocation, race, nationality, gender. The list goes on.
Let me take gender. To be more specific: male. Why, we males  of the species are not all alike in our thinking. I resent such stereotypes.
For instance, there are those narrow-minded people who think we men don’t have an inner core of sensitivity in certain areas like our female counterparts have.
Wrong. Let me give you but one example of how such a prevailing perception is oh, so wrong.
The selection of gifts. Presents. We males of the species are not, repeat, not, all clods when it comes to giving the special people in our lives, more specifically, our wives, gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions.
Please allow me to use myself as an example to disabuse anyone of such bias that unfairly paints all men with the same brush.
The presents I’ve given my Wonderful First Wife over the years surely show my understanding of what a woman expects and really likes — desires — from the man in her life.
For example, I gave her an electric drill for her birthday one year. She was speechless.
And then, shortly after our first-born, I gave her scales, so she could monitor her hoped-for weight loss. What woman wouldn’t be emotionally touched by such a thoughtful gift?
Over the years I have given this special person some things that say love, in an unequivocal fashion.
Such as a weedeater, an edger, a leaf blower. Who — who indeed — could say such thoughtful gifts wouldn’t warm the cockles of any woman’s heart?
Perhaps, more likely probably, the very best gift was acquired for my beloved just several years ago.
It was a brand new, orange riding mower! A Husqvarna. Her very own “Husky.”
I rest my case. How dare anyone insinuate or intimate that I don’t know what a woman really desires.
Don’t let her know this, but I’m really considering giving her a chainsaw for that next special day in her life.
I can’t wait to see the expression on her face.

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