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Sound Off, Dec. 26

Published 5:41pm Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What is worse than having an unwanted guest at Christmas dinner, especially when invited by a sibling, meaning a brother or sister inviting a boyfriend or girlfriend that is new? What can be worse than that?

You know, you must be a lousy woman and mother to lose custody of your children to your husband.

You do know the one and only true Christmas is Jan.6. Dec. 25 is a date the government picked out.

Every time I open a paper I feel like there’s a picture from Chocowinity Primary School. I would absolutely love to see some pictures from other schools, like Eastern Elementary, as well.

If you’re going to continue having such small print in the paper, why don’t you just include a magnifying glass with the paper so old folks can read it? Even with their glasses on, it’s hard to see. Thank you.

Goodbye to you, Washington Daily News. After this four pages of the letters to Santa, I cannot justify buying your paper no more. It’s just ridiculous. You can’t have a decent news story, but you can have four pages to a mythical creature. What’s next, you know, tips from Big Foot? Tooth Fairy dental hygiene? In all seriousness, I’ve enjoyed Sound Off, reading it and calling it in. I’ve tried to stir the pot, feel a bit like a devil’s advocate, but no more. Four pages of letters to Santa? No real stories? I can’t justify it. It’s crazy. Goodbye, I wish you all well in the coming year.

I called earlier in a recent Sound Off and said I won’t be subscribing to the Washington Daily News, but my father said

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