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Bowl games require a finger bowl, or two

Published 10:22pm Friday, December 28, 2012

It’s the week from Christmas to New Year’s Day that I find enjoyable during the holiday season.
There are plenty of football games because there are bowl games scattered across the nation. We know No. 1 Notre Dame is playing No. 2 Alabama for the national championship. And what was Duke doing playing in a bowl game the other day? I remember when one could count the number of bowl games on one hand. These days, it appears there are enough bowl games so every college team with six wins gets to travel, play a game and pick up some cash for the athletics department.
Bowl games provide me with opportunities to enjoy one of my favorite activities — snacking. From cheese and crackers to nachos to sausage balls, I indulge myself during bowl season. I love those summer sausages, cheese spreads, smoked ham and beef jerky from places like Swiss Colony. I must have at least one miniature loaf of rye bread with lots of cold cuts that have been sized like those found in those Lunchables some children take to school. I must have several spicy mustards as condiments for those miniature sandwiches.
For a beverage, I prefer a punch made with equal parts ginger ale, Cheerwine and pineapple juice. Since I am watching bowl games when I consume these goodies, I, of course, have a finger bowl out to help keep my fingers clean.  Although, my fingers often get licked instead.
Mike Voss covers the city of Washington for the Washington Daily News.

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