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Sound Off, Jan. 2, 2013

Published 8:04pm Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I do genealogical research around Washington on names and different locations which includes streets, and I’m wondering why Union Alley is named Union Alley in Washington, North Carolina. I’ve researched that, and I cannot come up with it. It would be interesting to know why it’s named Union Alley, being aware that the first and second Union armies performed in Washington, North Carolina.


All the civic leaders who decided we needed a Turnage Theater should be required to personally pay back the debt that was incurred.


First of all, good job with the Tuesday, Jan. 1, paper. You actually had news in it. It was very good and very informative. Now, to the point of why I called. Why is Jan. 1 such a holiday? It’s a useless holiday. It’s up their with Arbor Day and Groundhog Day. Everything’s closed. Everyone’s off work. Why? It’s just the first day of a new year. What’s the difference between Jan. 1 and Jan. 2? It’s ridiculous. This country has gotten fat, obese and lazy. This is really just a drunkard’s holiday, Joe Six-pack holiday. It’s the only reason for it. Just think of the lives that would be saved by not having Jan. 1, the people who would not be out on the road, the people who would not be out drinking. Think about that.


It is not at all difficult to imagine that someone at the WDN works the sodoku puzzle, It is of a decent size. The same apparently cannot be said for the WDN crossword.


Please, please put At a Glance back in the sports section.


“BCSO warns of new fraud potential.” On the front page of Tuesday’s paper, it says “See FRAUD, Page 2.” It is not there, and I could not find it in the rest of the paper. Would you please run this article again and print the other half of it. It’s an interesting article, but you left off the other half of it. It is not on Page 2 or anywhere in my paper that I can find.

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