ON DISPLAY: Liz Partrick’s photography featuring the natural beauty of the region is on display at the North Carolina Estuarium throughout the month of January. To see more of Partrick’s work, watch for this Sunday’s Pamlico Life. DAILY NEWS PHOTO | Vail Stewart Rumley

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Nature’s own lens: Debut show features county’s beauty

Published 9:21pm Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The first camera Liz Partrick picked up was her parents’ Brownie. She thinks she was 5, or maybe 6, at the time. For Christmas the next year, she got her own Polaroid Swinger and by then, she’d fallen in love with photography.
Though she’s spent decades honing her skills, Partrick’s first public show “Beaufort County Beauty” is on display at the North Carolina Estuarium in Washington for the month of January. The show highlights the natural beauty of the region with photos of liquid, color-saturated sunsets over the Pamlico River and weathered buildings found throughout the countryside, evoking memories of a simpler way of life.
“It’s just a passion,” Partrick said about her photography. “I think God gives you talents and interests — for some reason, that’s something I was given.”
For years, Partrick was a strictly amateur photographer, sharing her photos with friends and family through the social media website, Facebook. It was when she retired from her career as a financial adviser with First Citizen’s Financial Investments, that she began dedicating more time to her art of choice: cooking, sewing, painting and, of course, photography.
“It’s something I’ve always loved. I didn’t realize it would become such a big part of my life.”
Though Partrick has shared many photos online, it was her sister-in-law, Catherine Partrick, who her urged her to make the transition from online to on canvas, and put her giclee prints up for sale at the Beaufort County Arts Council, where they sold out. Soon, they were installed at the Estuarium’s gift shop and selling well.
“I like them so much, I asked her if she’d like to have a show,” said Linda Boyer, environmental educator at the Estuarium.
“I think that’s a great venue for starting out. I’m thrilled that they’re doing it — I love the Estuarium. It’s a great little museum,” Partrick said.
Partrick’s work can be viewed Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. through the month of January at the North Carolina Estuarium, 223 E. Water St., Washington, 252-948-0000. The 8-inch by 12-inch canvases on display are for sale.
To see more of Partrick’s photos, be on the lookout for Sunday’s Pamlico Life, in which her work will be featured.

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