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Preserve past for future

Published 9:03pm Saturday, January 5, 2013

Start any conversation about economic development in Beaufort County and, sooner or later, you will be talking about tourism.
One of many suggestions the city’s comprehensive plan has is to focus on historic preservation. That focus ties directly to tourism.
The history of Washington distinguishes the city from other tourist destinations just as much as the culture, the recreation and the events.
The history gives Washington its charm.
It gives us a sense of who we are, a respect for our past and pride in our city.
History only accentuates the businesses that find ways of preserving and coexisting with it.
Take downtown’s Bank Bistro & Bar, for example. Owners Larry and Mary Carolyn Walker found ways of incorporating the history of the building with the dining experience. They lock the alcohol in the bank vault and carry the theme throughout the bistro.
The Coffee Caboose is another example of history coming to life. Just ask owner Maryanne Foy for the 2-minute tour next time you stop in for a latte.
We’ve seen other towns right here in Beaufort County capitalize on their history, from the fossil museums of Aurora to the town legends of Bath.
Washington may not be the first place people think of when the subject of North Carolina history comes up, but the fact that the city’s comprehensive plan includes preserving its history means one day, in the near future, it may be.

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