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Sound off, Jan. 24

Published 8:32pm Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gary (Stop the nonsense) Brinn’s statement that citizens should have the same weapons as the military is irresponsible, delusional and just plain dumb. Hood, Stan and Gary — the Moe, Larry and Curly of Beaufort County.

In Saturday’s paper regarding the resolution from the special meeting, the paper indicates that the commissioners, being Republicans there, have employed the county attorney to research the matter of whether absent board members’ votes are affirmative or yes votes. Is that a truly fiscal conservative plan by the Republicans, to have the county spend money to research such an issue. I think not. Maybe they’re not as fiscally conservative as what they preach.

To the caller who said Washington’s downtown was flourishing, it’s obvious you’re a snowbird. You can’t remember back when downtown was really something see. Now we have the largest bird cage in eastern North Carolina—the Hotel Louise.

  1. capable

    How unpatriotic is it for a newspaper to not print a single word about the inauguration of the nation’s President? What is going on with the Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Daily News? This is a shameful omission in the recording of American history.

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