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Friday is all about the heart

Published 2:30am Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red is the color of romance because it has everything to do with the heart. Red is a bold color, one that demands acknowledgment. It has the same sit up and take notice effect whether it’s the current color of a stoplight or the color of an evening-on-the-town dress.
This Friday, red should make us all sit up and take notice because it’s the American Heart Association’s Wear Red for Women Day, a new eye-catching campaign to promote heart disease and stroke awareness.
So pull on the red shirt — and perhaps let on that you heard that heart disease causes 600,000 American deaths every year.
Get out the red hat — and let people know that heart disease can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight.
Put on some red shoes — and take a 20-minute walk because exercise is one of the main ways to battle heart disease.
Wear your favorite red power tie — and treat yourself and others to a heart-healthy power lunch.
Bust out the red dress — and find something to laugh about, because stress is a major contributor to a not-so-healthy heart.
Red is a celebratory color and this week is a celebration of knowledge: what makes us heart healthy and what doesn’t. Wear red this Friday and when people ask “Why is everyone wearing red?” tell them you wear red because you’re all heart.

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