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Sound Off, Feb. 1, 2013

Published 9:11pm Friday, February 1, 2013

$350 a week unemployment don’t sound like much – and it’s not – but it totals a minimum of $1,400 a month. I know you’d be surprised how many people out there is living on $1,400 or less a month.


I’m proud to be a resident of Beaufort County that has four commissioners that were able to and did stand up and pass a resolution against any kind of gun control. I tell you, I’m not proud of the way the liberals have misled me and passed all this Obamacare business, and all the high taxes and all the spending that they’re doing. Get a life people.


If the paper had Sound Off 25 years ago and we could go back to 1988 in a time machine, we wouldn’t see a single liberal comment about firearms because all those complaining would still be living up north.


In regards to the location of the new Beaufort County jail, my suggestion would be to make it adjacent to a Washington recreational facility. That seems to be where it’s needed most.

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