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Sound Off, Feb. 6, 2013

Published 10:16pm Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Religious stuff, as it was called by someone, is a real aspect of many people’s lives. It is not separable from our daily lives, it is part of it.

Thank you, Sheetz, for coming to Washington and keeping our gas prices under control. We needed something like that because we were being burnt.

To the person concerned about the “business side of raising a child,” how is it that you imply and assume that the financial support of said child is the responsibility of social programs? What ever happened to personal responsibility? If someone can’t financially care for a child, they need to use their birth control. The debate doesn’t ever have to make it to the abortion/welfare level. It’s that simple.

This is for the lady that gave the statement in Sound Off about abortion. I’m not against abortion, I’m against having to let her have all these children and then me have to pay to send him/her to school, the benefits, social security, the school lunch programs—that’s what I’m against. If she cannot afford to have the children, then she should be the one that should be sterilized to begin with.

This is in response to Fred Bonner’s article about cats harming small quail. Since I don’t have quail in my yard, I’m thankful for cats that hunt the field mice. They work much better than traps, for me.


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