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Sound off, Feb. 8, 2013

Published 10:00pm Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Bayview ferry has been a luxury for those using it to commute. Aurora is not an island; you can drive around. There should be a fee on there. Why should my taxes go to pay for somebody to commute? Nobody paid for me commute when I had to commute to Virginia and pay the tolls up there.

I have great admiration for Hillary Clinton, and no two-bit columnist can change that. The column in Thursday’s paper by Diana West criticizing Hillary Clinton was disgusting, but it’s typical of the hate-filled minds that spew out their venom in our society today. … Hillary has served her country well with dignity, courage, determination and success. Our country is safer because of her efforts. Diana West, what have you done to help our nation? Please give us your resume and tell us what qualifies you to be critical of this great American lady.

If it’s against federal law, why are loose cigarettes still sold at convenience stores and tobacco shops?

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