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What is for lunch today?

Published 12:27am Saturday, February 9, 2013

You may be one of those early risers who reads your newspaper before the sun clears the horizon. Or maybe you don’t crack open your newspaper until you can carve out time much later in the day.
But if you’re reading this at about 10 a.m. or maybe later, the question to you is: what’s for lunch?
Everyone has their preferences, but here at the Daily News, we’re thinking soup may be in order. You know — it’s cold outside, what’s a better way to warm yourself up?
Well, as it so happens, there’s a Soup-a-thon going on in Washington today, and $20 will buy you your choice of soup, crackers, dessert, a beverage and your choice of one handmade, hand-painted soup bowl made by a local artist.
It’s a fundraiser for River Walk Gallery and Arts Center and for the Blind Center. It’s a way for creative people to get creative about raising funds to not only keep gallery doors open, but to support a unique place, a community center for the visually impaired.
So what’s better than a bowl of tasty soup on chilly winter day? Knowing you’ve helped support the organizations that support the people of our community.
The Soup-a-thon is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. today and is located at the Blind Center, 221 N. Harvey St., Washington.

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