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Sound Off, Feb. 13, 2013

Published 8:37pm Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To the whiner who called in about the Bayview ferry: I drove around for 33 years. I had the occasion to use the ferry about five times in a time of need. But he should ask himself who is the number-one producer of taxes for Beaufort County which all come from Aurora and the people and employees who work at PotashCorp. If he can get his tax bill up as high as theirs, then he should not mind them riding that ferry.

This is to the person who thinks we need to keep religion out of the Washington Daily News: get with it. Look, we live in the Bible Belt. We live in a religious part of the world in North Carolina. If you don’t like religion, you need to move to California like San Francisco, or maybe New York. Take religion out of the paper and there probably would be no paper.

This is an appeal for help. Does anyone know of an organization, group or grant that would help a senior citizen living on Social Security do some repairs to a home. If so, please call, leave group name and phone number. Thank you in advance. And may God bless you.

I do not want my tax dollars that are in a particular company or corporation to go to private schools. If a person wants to attend a private school, they must pay for that themselves. I do not want my tax dollars to go for a scholarship for people to go to private schools.

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