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End assault on Veterans Park

Published 9:18pm Friday, February 15, 2013

A recent visit to Veterans Memorial Park in Washington provided evidence to why one seldom sees people near or at the park — a minefield of waterfowl droppings blanketing the area.

A visitor found it difficult to traverse the park’s immediate grounds without stepping on a “mine.” City officials must find a solution to that problem so people may visit the park and contemplate the sacrifices of this nation’s war dead, living veterans and active-duty military personnel without having to run an obstacle course.

As much as many people enjoy watching the geese and other waterfowl along Jack’s Creek, it would be nice to find a solution that keeps the waterfowl there and protects the park from their “calling cards.” If it comes to relocating the waterfowl — if that’s possible — then so be it. Protecting the park and its visitors from the waterfowl droppings is something that must take place.

The current situation is not respectful to those whom the park honors. The defacement of the park, supported by taxpayers’ money, must not continue.

City leaders should address this matter as soon as possible. A visit to the park may help explain the saying “like crap through a goose” and provide lots of evidence to the extent of the problem.

The waterfowl may have to go.

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