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City, Sea Tow agreement to continue

Published 8:32pm Friday, March 1, 2013


Washington’s City Council, during is meeting Monday, authorized the continuance of a partnership between the city and Sea Tow Pamlico regarding providing Sea Tow Pamlico docking space at the city docks.
“This is an annual agreement that this council has approved in the past. … The new docking agreement would be identical to previous agreements,” said City Manager Josh Kay when he addressed the council about the matter. “We are here tonight to see if you would like for us to move forward with that. If not, what other direction? If so, if there are any additions or amendments that you would have.”
Councilman Doug Mercer expressed concern about the installation of a radio system installed within the past year, asking if that system has been installed on city property. Mercer was referring to equipment that provides an automated radio check for boaters in area waters.
“The only reason I asked the question (is) we started out giving them a dock and they were going to help us. If they’re expanding this thing little by little by adding in bases for radio systems and so forth, I think we really need to look at those every time. I don’t have a problem with having the radio system there, but if it is on our property, I think we need to know about it.”
In a memorandum to the mayor and City Council, Kristi H. Roberson, the city’s parks and recreation manager, reports that Sea Tow Pamlico’s presence at the city docks is proving beneficial.
“During the past year Sea Tow Pamlico has been an invaluable resource to the Waterfront Docks Division, giving advice and assistance to the staff and boaters alike,” Roberson wrote in the memorandum. “Dock attendants have request logs be removed from the docks an average of once a per month via work order and other times while Larry Williams, owner, was on site.
“Sea Tow continues to be an asset to the community as well. During recent storms, his (Williams’) expertise has guided planning and recovery. His experience and contacts with other marinas has been a good resource when comparing policies, rules and regulations. His availability in the area has enabled him to be off assistance to our “resident” boaters as well as the community at large.”

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