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Sound Off, March 3, 2013

Published 6:01pm Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yes, I would like to say congratulations to State Senator Bingham for proposing that voluntary Bible education in high school. I think the Atheists and the non-Christians, who are only a very few, can move to California, New York or Vermont, somewhere like that. Thank you, Senator.


I have been a Christian all my life. The problem with the school systems today is they don’t need another course, they don’t need another elective course, they need fewer outside distractions. They need courses that teach them to cope in the world when they graduate. Don’t add more problems for the teachers. The teachers have problems enough now just educating their children to read, write, understand mathematics, understand science, understand the new the things that are coming along. Don’t give them any more problems than they already have. Thank you.


Yesterday my wife and I were placed in sequester by the cashier at (grocery store). We had $103 of groceries in our cart but had only $100 in our pockets. We decided to put back the Doritos. Problem solved.

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