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Write Again … He could solve their problem

Published 8:37pm Monday, March 4, 2013

The three couples had gone to the beach to spend a few days. To save money, they prepared their meals at the cottage much of the time.
Someone in the group, perhaps everyone, decided one afternoon they needed to take a break from food preparing and go out for dinner.
Then the women realized that after exposure to sun, wind and water, their hair wasn’t in very good shape. They didn’t feel presentable for evening dining out.
Oh, if only there was someone to fix their hair. Where might they find someone on such short notice? A real dilemma.
That was when Paul told them he could do their hair. Paul could do it?
Then it registered with them. A mortician was usually capable of fixing one’s hair.
So. With a deft touch, Paul worked his magic with each of the women’s hair. Problem solved.
As they admired his handiwork in their mirrors, one discovered that he hadn’t touched the back of any of their heads.
That was when they raised the point with Paul.
“Why didn’t you fix the backs of our heads?” one asked.
Paul’s answer was quick and to the point: “I don’t do the backs of heads.”
No, I guess not, in his line of work.
Many of you remember Paul fondly. He left us much too early. He was a good man, and he knew how to fix a woman’s hair.
Well, most of it.

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