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Sound off, March 6, 2013

Published 9:27pm Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Washington and Beaufort County are rightfully proud to have beautiful estuaries, nature’s incubators for fish and wildlife, right in our backyard. The proposed Blounts Creek mining project is a severe threat to our most precious heritage, all for very few jobs and tax dollars. Let’s save our environment and encourage development around our estuaries in more responsible ways.

I don’t believe they such teach Bible study or the study of the Bible in our schools. There is a little something called separation of church and state. So many people are thumping their chests these days about the amendments and the Constitution. What about that one, separation of church and state? Hopefully, some well-meaning and smart people will step forward and challenge this, take it to court, sue the state school system. Personally, I would not want my child to be in a school system that offers Bible study because you know that any child who refuses to take Bible study will be bullied, shunned.

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