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Letter to the editor: ‘Like children’

Published 9:31pm Thursday, March 7, 2013

To the Editor:
Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Congressman Walter Jones at the monthly meeting of the Beaufort County Republican Club. Congressman Jones is a frequent guest who keeps us informed on the events in Washington, DC, what he is trying to do about them, and shares his thoughts concerning the future.
We always thank him for his efforts, but then again, isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? Since he is an elected official, he represents all of us and it is his obligation to report to his constituents in the 3rd District. Congressman Jones always makes that extra effort to keep the voters of his district informed. However, most politicians, without oversight by the voters, are like children, without proper supervision by their parents, there’s no telling what they will get into!
So, the real question is, what are we supposed to do? What is our obligation? Anyone familiar with the Constitution knows we have a big role to play in the decisions of our country. Elected officials work for us! No politician, local, state or national, can know what we want them to do if we don’t tell them. We can’t assume they know, we have an obligation to tell them often, loud and clear. Unfortunately, most of us have many excuses why we don’t! We’re too busy doing important things; we have places to go, jobs, family and things that must be done every day. And it’s true, we all are busy. But we all must realize that what happens in our government today will affect our children and grandchildren a lot more than it does us.
You wouldn’t leave your children unattended; because they might do things they shouldn’t and as a result harm themselves. Leaving a politician unattended could cause them to do things they shouldn’t too, and that would harm your children a lot more! It’s our duty to protect our children! It’s our obligation to find time to hold our elected officials responsible!

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