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Sound off, March 8, 2013

Published 9:11pm Thursday, March 7, 2013

The world has provided us with all of the evil things there are to be found. Man has not found the answer to our problems, nor will he. God has been pushed in the corner, or even in the closet, out of sight. So thank you, Sen. Bingham for recognizing the answer and bringing God out of the closet and standing up for the only hope that we have, which is Jesus. God is needed in every place, whether we believe or not.

The two stop signs placed on Lawson Drive have more to do with all the residents of Smallwood than just the several people who live on the two blocks. Many of those people don’t have children, and the reason they wanted the stop signs was for the noise, not for safety. I purchased my house in Smallwood before the stop signs were up, thinking that this was a settled, established community. Then things like these stop signs are put, which I think are a detriment to the outlook of and the feel of Smallwood.

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