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Sound off, March 10, 2013

Published 10:51pm Saturday, March 9, 2013

So, Wells Fargo wants $750,000 for the Turnage Theater. I know the city or county better not put one dime into it. Not one shiny dime should be spent by the county or the city to buy this boondoggle, this failure. The Turnage Theater has and always will be a failure. I said from the start, which was never printed by Sound Off, it would make a great strip club, adult gentlemen’s club. That’s about the only thing that would bring people into it. Downtown is dead. Dead and buried. Turnage Theater is not gonna turn it around.

If Michael Jordan wants to prove that he’s not the dad of the 16-year-old son as accused, all he has to do is shut his mouth and produce his DNA.

I’m calling regard to the Sound Off about the Blounts Creek project and Yankees. I wish the paper wouldn’t print trash like that. That is hateful, redneck-sounding information, and it just doesn’t belong in the paper.

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