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Sound off, March 10, 2013

Published 10:51pm Sunday, March 10, 2013

I’d like to say I am in favor of the Blounts Creek mining project. The whole dumping water in the river is overblown. They wouldn’t purposely pollute the river. It’s bad business. Plus, maybe on a selfish level, I’m hoping it would drive out the Yankees and outsiders, snowbirds and pink flamingos. Beaufort County should be for Beaufort County, not outsiders and if this mining project scares off the outsiders – the Yankees, the snow birds, the pink flamingos – I’m all for it.

I wonder why a few people are so intimidated and afraid of a simple bible study in the school system. The so-called separation of church and state was designed actually to protect the church from the state, not the state from the church and it’s not in the Constitution. Somebody needs to do their homework. I don’t understand why it should be such a challenge. The school system doesn’t have the money to be facing off so-called lawsuits. This is just intimidation and bullying of the high source. This is the way you teach children to be bullies, not by letting them read and study the word of God, which teaches us everything but bullying. You need to do some homework.

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