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Letter to the editor: Obesity is a major part of our lives

Published 9:58pm Tuesday, March 12, 2013

To the Editor:
Mrs. Obama has done some great things with helping fight childhood obesity. We have heard a lot in the social media about her going to schools and talking to the kids about eating the right foods and exercising. But we have not seen or heard about Mrs. Obama talking to the parents about the right things for their kids to eat. We also have not heard a lot about fighting adult obesity. Obesity is a major part of our lives. We can go to the grocery store and look around and see a great number of childhood and adult obesity.
As a person that has obesity in my family, this is a near and dear subject to me. I firmly believe that there should be a community health and recreation building free of charge so that everyone in the community can work out and go to health classes on cooking. The U.S. is known as being one of the unhealthiest countries. We need to become more aware of the dangers that the food we eat will do to our body. I think that we need to have a major change not just putting apples in the kids’ Happy Meals. But as adults we don’t just need to be handed extra-large, extra greasy food we eat a lot of the time.

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