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Sound Off, March 20, 2013

Published 11:28pm Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hats off to the staff and volunteers at the Marion L. Shepard Cancer Center for a wonderful evening at Shaggin’ For a Cause. It was a fabulous event and a great affair for our community.

Let’s make the Martin Marietta Materials project a win-win situation. Let them dump their fresh water. Before that, let them get with the cities and have them send their processed sewer water over to the Martin-Marietta plant. Rather than the cities dumping it directly in to the river, they can dump it into the Martin Marietta water, and then it would be the same thing as what the creek water is. … This would make a win-win situation.

Why is the area beside Festival Park looking like the county trash dump? Overflowing trash containers, trash on the ground, broken tables and chairs and used, huge restaurant appliances are in the area. This is our waterfront. It looks so nasty and unsanitary. All the events coming soon, and North Carolina Symphony. Please clean up this mess. One big, green Dumpster would be better than 12 overflowing garbage containers.

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