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Neighbors helping neighbors

Published 1:10am Thursday, March 28, 2013

Want to make a donation to a nonprofit group that does good work in the community but can’t decide which one will receive that donation? Let Beaufort County United Way take care of that decision for your.

Beaufort County United Way takes individual donations, combines them and makes sure they are put to good use by distributing funds to nonprofits that have proven track records of making a difference in the community. But like other organizations, many of those nonprofit groups are finding their other funding sources are drying up.

Beaufort County United Way raises money and distributes it to groups like Eagle’s Wings, Zion Shelter and Purpose of God Annex Outreach Center.

Mark Hamblin, executive director of Beaufort County United Way, is scheduled to appear before the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners during its meeting Monday. At a meeting of the Washington City Council in February, Hamblin talked about the “incredible” work the nonprofits funded by Beaufort County United Way do.

“These folks do an incredible work. They help out, as you know, in times of crisis. Organizations like Red Cross, The Salvations Army … all these folks do a fantastic job in providing services to the citizens of Beaufort County and specifically Washington,” Hamblin said.

Beaufort County United Way, by providing money to these nonprofits, is doing an “incredible” job when it comes to helping local charities help the community.

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