Shanice Champian hangs her painting. (BEAUFORT COUNTY SCHOOLS | contributed)
Shanice Champian hangs her painting. (BEAUFORT COUNTY SCHOOLS | contributed)

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ARTFUL DISPLAY: Pam Pack artists on loan

Published 9:30pm Monday, April 1, 2013

By Beaufort County Schools
Special to the Daily News

If you see a painting or print you really like in a local business, there is a good chance it could be the creation of a Pam Pack artist. Thanks to the efforts of school administrators and the Washington High School Art Department, the local community is getting a good look at their in-house talent.
Washington High School students now have artwork on display in the community. Washington High School is partnering with local businesses to display student created artwork. Since January, Down on Mainstreet, State Employee Credit Union, Beaufort County Community College and Golden Corral have each chosen several pieces of student artwork to display in their businesses. The Bank Bistro & Bar is the latest business to request Pam Pack art for display in its business.
“We have had so many positive comments from our members. When they see the pictures they are so amazed at how talented the students are,” said Sandra McCall with the Washington branch of the State Employees Credit Union.  A complete listing of artists’ names, pictures of the artwork on display and the location can be viewed on the Washington High School website at
The artwork is created in art classes taught by Melissa Moore, Damon Walcott and Penny Paul at Washington High School.
“I am excited that my artistic skills, which have been enhanced by my Art II class, will be hanging on display in the community,” explained Washington sophomore Kenya Robinson.
For Guadalupe Villa-Hernandez, a Pam Pack junior, it’s about even more than having her artwork on display. “I love art and I use art when I am stressed.  I have learned many things about art from Mrs. Paul she is an awesome teacher and she had encouraged me to go to art school.”
Washington High School students have the opportunity to take a wide range of art classes in which they learn to apply the basic elements of art and the principles of design to painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting and fine crafts. Students may also take photography classes in which they learn darkroom procedures as well as how to make a camera from a shoebox.
Throughout the year the artwork and artists will be rotated in an effort to ensure all students the opportunity to display their talents in public. Area residents also have an opportunity to view artwork from students across Beaufort County in the annual Beaufort County Arts Council Student Art show. This event is free to the public. It ends today.
The River Walk Gallery and Arts Center is hosting an art exhibit that will showcase artwork specifically from Washington High School. The exhibit, “Masters Strokes,” runs through April and May.




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