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Harberts, Polly and UNC TV visit S.W. Snowden

Published 12:19am Thursday, April 4, 2013


Author and adventurer Bernie Harberts made a stop at S.W. Snowden Elementary School recently to share mule knowledge and traveling stories with students and staff.
The students were overwhelmed with wonder and excitement meeting Polly, the mule.  Harberts spent time telling students about earlier trips across the state and, eventually, the country using mule power.  Students got to meet Polly up close and admire the wagon and harness. Harberts made a present to the Snowden library of a book he wrote that chronicled his prior long-distance trips titled, “Woody and Maggie … Walk Across America.” Adding to the excitement of meeting Harberts and Polly was the presence of a UNC-TV film crew capturing the event for the television show “Our State.” The Snowden stop will be a segment of a show documenting Harberts’ journey.

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