Sisters Britney (left) and Kendall Alligood have been sensational for the Northside softball team this season as the Panthers are challenging for a conference title. (WDN Photo/Brian Haines)
Sisters Britney (left) and Kendall Alligood have been sensational for the Northside softball team this season as the Panthers are challenging for a conference title. (WDN Photo/Brian Haines)

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Sister act

Published 9:07pm Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PINETOWN — Every great show must have a strong beginning, middle and closing act and over at Northside High School you would be hard pressed to find better theater than “The Alligoods”.
One of the longest running shows around, “The Alligoods” has a little something for everybody as it features plenty of action, drama, love and perhaps some occasional violence. However, in the end it’s a good old-fashioned American tale about three sisters and their love for softball, and with a script that’s ever-evolving, it just might be headed towards a Disney-style ending.
The show started off with oldest sister Casey Alligood, a sweet-swinging backstop that headlined Panthers’ softball for several years. Upon graduation, the torch was passed to understudy/middle sister Britney Alligood, a versatile player who has added her own dimensions to the role and credits include leading Northside in batting average as junior in 2012.
Always looking to improve the production, this season a co-star was added to “The Alligoods” as Kendall, the youngest sister, has burst on to the scene as a freshman catcher and won over the crowd with an incredible bat and a transparent love for the game.
While all three acts have been stellar, the last one could be the best as the consensus is that Kendall’s star burns the brightest on the diamond.
“Kendall’s the best in the family by far,” Britney said. “She’s the most athletic player that we have.”
Britney’s not so bad herself. On the field she has bounced around from the outfield to catcher, to second base, to first base, where she currently resides, but her bat has consistently remained in the heart of the order.
Created by softball-playing parents Joseph and Linda Alligood, “The Alligoods” has been in the works for quite some time now.
“My parents where big into softball when they were coming up. My dad and my mom played, so when we were growing up we were always in the backyard playing everyday,” Britney said. “When we saw our sister Casey get into it and it just grew into a family tradition.”
“We’ve been playing ever since we were born,” Kendall added.
All three sisters bear an uncanny resemblance to one another and so does their offensive production and intense passion for the game, as pop-ups along the first base foul line can often lead to dust ups among the catching Kendall and first baseman Britney.
“We play a lot together and we fight, but I love my sister,” Britney said.
Kendall added that the occasional verbal scrap does not strip away her love for her sister and teammate.
“It’s fun. We do fight but I know what she’s capable of doing and I’m glad she’s here because I look up to her when we’re playing softball,” Kendall said.
That competitive fire has been a great asset to Northside this season and is a big reason why the Panthers are challenging for a Four Rivers Conference championship.
“They’re both very competitive,” said Northside coach/mediator Jack Beirne. “They do not like to lose which is a great asset to have.”
Though the similarities are endless, Kendall and Britney have distinct character traits that sets them a part. When asked to describe each other, neither sister pulled any punches.
“She can be lazy,” Kendall said of Britney. “But, if she wants to do something she’s going to put her mind to it and do it. She tells it like it is and she does not like to lose.”
“We’re very opposite with our personalities,” Britney said. “She’s got a mean side and I have a sweater side. I care more for others, where she’s going to tell it like it is.”
The way it is right now is that both sisters are in the midst of a fantastic season that could end with both performing on the state’s biggest stage, Walnut Creek. With Britney being a senior and Kendall a freshman, this will be their one and only season co-starring with each other and the two competitors are determined to make it a memorable one.
“I want to have a successful year because (Britney) is a senior and it’s her last year,” Kendall said. “When I got out there on that field I give 110 percent knowing that it’s her last year and that it’s going to hurt her as much as it hurts me if we lose. She’s not going to get this back so I try my best for her.”
“I just hope to go far,” Britney said. “Softball has been in my family for so long, it will hurt me to not to see us do as good as we can do.”

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