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Developer seeks to finish Moss Landing

Published 5:20pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A developer with Washington ties wants to complete the build-out of Moss Landing.

Jim Wiley, representing Beacon Street Development, presented his real estate-development company’s plans to complete Moss Landing to the Washington City Council on Monday. Those plans call for building single-family residences on the remaining lots at Moss Landing.

“We have the balance of the Moss Landing project under contract, which is the undeveloped land. We’ve been working on it for several months now to try to come up with some ideas of how we might take the project forward, build something that would mesh nicely into the historic district, complement already the high-quality development that’s been done there on site. We are getting ready to move ahead with the project a little more, submitting a subdivision approval (request) going to the Historic (Preservation) Commission, some other things,” said Wiley, who has extensive family in Washington.

Beacon Street Development, based in Raleigh, has several projects completed or in the works, including Norfleet Point in Belhaven. Wiley is expected to discuss the project with the Washington Planning Board on May 28.

The existing Moss Landing development includes two buildings housing condominiums and townhomes.

Wiley said the single-family homes planned for Moss Landing would add “a tremendous amount of diversity” for the waterfront development.

“As an example of architecture, of how we would see, again, these are small, very well detailed homes. The architecture — the inspiration is all around us in historic district. So, you’ll see things that look like they belong here as we move through,” Wiley said during his review of home designs.

Because of the proximity to the Pamlico River, some of the houses would be “raised up” because they would be in a flood-prone area. In Washington, structures in the flood-prone areas along and near the waterfront must be built so the first floor (of living space) is 11 feet above the normal river level.

Mayor Archie Jennings asked Wiley to discuss the timeline associated with the project.

“Our intention is to finish on due diligence, get our approvals in hand and close on the property this summer and then move forward just as quickly as we possibly can. We’re seeing improvement in the market. We’re going to put some plans out as soon as we can and, hopefully, start building this year,” Wiley said.

“Well, this is an exciting project. We appreciate you taking it on and thanks for being with us,” Jennings said.

Moss Landing, with somewhat of a troubled past, never met its potential as proposed under previous management and/or development entities.

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