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Smith named ECBH’s chief medical officer

Published 5:39pm Thursday, May 30, 2013

EastCarolinaBehavioral Healthhas a new chief medical officer.

 Dr. Michael E.Smith willjoinECBH asits CMJuly 1. Heisaboard-certifiedadult psychiatrist comingfrom privatepracticewithEastern Psychiatric &BehavioralSpecialists in Greenville.Healsoisboard-eligibleinchild andadolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Smith hasdealtwithECBH as the Medicaid waiverentitywith whom his privatepractice contracts,” said ECBH ExecutiveDirectorLezaWainwright,soheknows us from theprovider perspective. Thatinsight will beinvaluabletoECBH aswe partnerwithprovideragenciesto servethepeopleinour19counties.

In hisroleaschief medicalofficer,Smithwillprovideclinicalandmedicalleadership toECBH anditsnetworkof providers. Hewillchairseveralgroups includingtheCredentialingand QualifyingCommittee,Care/Clinical ManagementTeam, UtilizationReview Committeeand theClinicalAdvisory Group,whichiscomposedofphysicians andotherlicensed clinicians.

My approach tobehavioralhealthcareishighlycollaborativeand inclusive,”Smithexplains.“I believeinworkingclosely withindividuals,their families, andtheirprimary carephysicians and otherserviceproviders to helpthemdealwithdifficult challenges. Itismygoaltoensure peoplereceivetheappropriateservicewhen theyneed it.”

Smithreceived hisundergraduateandmedicaldegreesfromEastCarolinaUniversity and servedasaclinicalassistant professoratBrody Schoolof Medicinein theDepartment of Psychiatry.

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