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City to seek dockmaster’s station bids

Published 6:34pm Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bid documents are in the process of being completed so the city can seek bids on construction of a dockmaster’s station, public restrooms, boaters’ bathrooms and laundry facilities for boaters at the west end of Stewart Parkway.

Mosley Design Group has completed a set of sealed drawings that will allow the bidding process to proceed, according to a memorandum from John Rodman, the city’s planning and development director, to the mayor and City Council. The structure is designed so it reflects the architecture of the historic Pamlico Lighthouse.

The committee that guided the project design hopes the bidding process and selection of a contractor will be completed by the end of August, according to Rodman’s memorandum.

The two-story structure’s lower level will house the public restrooms and bathrooms and laundry facilities for boaters. The upper story will provide office space for the dockmaster and serve as a harbor-observation area.

“The proposed structure would accommodate the general public, especially small children and adults who may be walking and viewing the waterfront along Stewart Parkway. In addition, the City’s docking facilities are being used more frequently and with more dock space being planned this would only complicate the problems of inadequate public facilities,” Rodman wrote in the memorandum.

Steve Moler, a member of the city’s Planning Board, does not like the proposed location of the dockmaster’s station. Plans have it going where the existing flagpole and monuments are located.

“I do not feel comfortable using a prime spot on our waterfront for boaters restrooms. I would build it in the area where the present dockmaster’s hut and temp toilets are located,” Moler wrote in an email last summer.

In that email, Moler called for a public hearing on the location of the dockmaster’s station.

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