Lt. Bruce Rabon is the Salvation Army’s new Corps officer and pastor.  MONA MOORE | DAILY NEWS
Lt. Bruce Rabon is the Salvation Army’s new Corps officer and pastor.

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Salvation Army gets new pastor

Published 2:15am Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lt. Bruce Rabon says he never chose to work for the Salvation Army.

“It’s a calling the Lord placed on our lives,” he said.

Rabon is the Salvation Army’s new Corps Officer and pastor. He and his wife, Goldie are ordained ministers who hope to spend the next five years helping Beaufort County residents in need.

Last week was Rabon’s first full week at work. Goldie and Tripp have desks in the adjoining office.

“We’re both ordained ministers,” he said.

Rabon has started carving out a few goals for his time in Washington. He talked of starting another store and said one priority would be to restock the emergency food pantry.

Another goal is to cultivate the congregation’s youth ministry. Starting in September, the Salvation Army would be parking its canteen in neighborhoods, playing music and games, passing out popsicles and getting to know people. He also looks forward to the return of the Tuesday evening youth program.

Rabon would like to send a few local children to a Christian-based summer camp.

Rabon was pleased to see a number of people sign up for next week’s vacation Bible School.

The Rabons and their three children, Hannah, 15, Katie, 13 and 6-year-old son, Tripp, moved to Washington in June. Since becoming a pastor with the Salvation Army, they have lived in Durham and Atlanta. They moved here after their second stint in Durham.

Rabon said he loves the area.

“It’s just all-around nice,” he said. “It was such a blessing to come here.”



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