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Commission assists many

Published 5:41pm Thursday, August 15, 2013

A press pass is a wonderful thing. It gets you into just about anywhere and allows you to ask just about anything. But there are plenty of places in Beaufort County that would treat anyone as if he or she had a press pass, but few people take advantage of it.

This week, the Mid-East Commission personnel introduced themselves to local politicians, and it was amazing to hear about all of the hats worn in one building.

The organization does more than post job openings, though that is a valuable service. Mid-East’s JobLink career centers hold job fairs, offer job-placement assistance and on-the-job training. They help teenagers find employment and displaced workers figure out their next step, perhaps another job or returning to school for more training to help land a new job.

Mid-East is one of the best resources for our aging population. If you want a sitter to relieve you of home care for an afternoon, call Mid-East. If you have been in a nursing home for six months and really just want to go home, Mid-East will help you devise a plan. If you think you need help applying for a Medicare program, Mid-East can help.

Mid-East is growing, so much so it’s looking to build a larger headquarters to have the space it needs to carry out its many programs and services.

If any of these subjects are of interest to you, don’t be afraid to flash your invisible press pass and get the answers you want.

For more information about Mid-East and what it does for the community, call 946-8043 or go by its office at 1385 John Small Ave. in Washington,

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