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A challenge for cheaters

Published 10:21pm Monday, September 2, 2013

The majority of you have been cheating.
A recent survey said 91 percent of Americans do work-related tasks off the clock. Thirty-seven percent spent more than 10 hours per week. And just where do you find more than 10 extra hours for work? You cheat your family out of time with you and yourself out of healthy habits like daily workouts and home cooked meals.
Balancing a healthy work and social life is vital to your physical and mental health.
Researchers have found that overtime is bad for your health. You are 60 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack or angina if you regularly work 10 hours or more a day.
One or two extra hours a day had no adverse health consequences. So, here’s a challenge for all of you cheaters out there. Take an hour back. Don’t check emails when you could be reading to your child. Close your laptop and call a friend or family member. Enjoy a walk in this beautiful county.
There will never be enough hours in the day to do all of the work you challenge yourself to do. So, give yourself a break.

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