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The best buy in Beaufort County

Published 6:13pm Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This past weekend, friends and family of Dustin and Carrie Reiners held a fundraiser at the Cuthrell home in Bath. The Reiners were hit hard by Dustin’s 2011 diagnosis of a very rare form of cancer: a diagnosis that led to many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation; a diagnosis that led to many, many medical expenses piling up for the young family.

Saturday, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., more than $18,000 was raised for the Reiners. That’s an impressive amount of money to be raised in such a short period of time.

So, why was this particular fundraiser so successful? Many reasons: it was fun; it was accessible; and it was an event the entire family could enjoy.

While the children played on the elaborate bouncy slide (which looked awfully fun), adults could grab a plate of barbecue. While they ate the home-cooked barbecue, they listened to some good, live music. Between bands, they could find that perfect gift during an auction. There really was something for everyone at the Reiners Benefit.

More importantly, however, was that there was something from everyone at the Reiners Benefit: a direct outpouring of compassion for a family that’s dealing the best they can with the hand that life has dealt them. It was a community gathering together to take care of their own. It was strangers recognizing that this too could happen to them, and pitching in to provide a safety net.

By donating, each and every person there invested in themselves and their community. And the return on that investment is both immense and immeasurable.

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