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Clothing swap scheduled

Published 11:22pm Thursday, September 12, 2013

Don Phipps, Beaufort County Schools superintendent, has a request for local clergy.
He would like for them to help spread the word about the school district’s clothing swap for fall and winter items. This year’s swap will be in the Beaufort County Ed Tech gym from 9 a.m. to noon Sept. 28.
“Our goal would be ministers, preachers and pastors make announcements during Sunday services,” Phipps said.
A lot of local families take advantage of the biennial event, he said.
“Not as many as I’d like to,” Phipps said. “I feel like those who get the clothing genuinely need the help.”
The event started as a way for parents and guardians to cut the costs of required school uniforms. These days, the district’s dress code includes way more than khaki pants, and so does the swap.
“There will literally be, I dare say, thousands of items separated by gender and size,” Phipps said.
PTA organizations and volunteers throughout the district organize the swap. Boxes are left at each school. Donated articles of clothing go in the boxes. Volunteers sort and clean the items and have them ready to give away at the event. Phipps encourages, but does not require, those who attend to bring any items their children have outgrown to swap for gently used items at the event.
Phipps said all sizes, including adult and plus sizes, are needed for local students. He emphasized the need for cold-weather clothing like sweaters, coats and sweatshirts. Anything that is not claimed by the end of the day will be donated to local charities. Last year, Phipps said, eight large bags of items were left over. With enough publicity and word-of-mouth advertisement, he hopes there will be nothing left.
“I would love to see a church van pull up and have a dozen people get out whom we could help,” Phipps said. “Our goal is to provide a service and get these clothes into the hands of the folks who need it.”
To donate clothing, bring the items to the Beaufort County Schools central office at 321 Smaw Road, Washington, or to the nearest Beaufort County school.

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