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I know well the original ‘napsters’

Published 5:11pm Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My nose was running. That’s how I knew it was more than good.

I’m talking about my recent encounter with chicken and pastry and she crab-corn soup. On a cold, rainy afternoon, those dishes were more than welcome. As some folks say, they “hit the spot.” That “spot” must be somewhere in the stomach, but with some connection to the brain. That connection carries this message from stomach to brain: time for a nap.

Certain food combinations, especially as my golden years approach have that effect on me. A big bowl of chili and three pieces of cracklin’ cornbread put me in the mood for a nap. Mood? Let’s be honest and say they induce a nap. Let’s not forget two bowls of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. That’s a sure-enough prescription for a nap, especially when battling a winter cold.

And after a meal of turkey, dressing, biscuits and cherry cobbler at the Vidant Beaufort Hospital cafeteria on Sunday afternoons, I return home and try to watch football, basketball or baseball (depending on the time of the year). Usually takes a triple play or grand-slam homer to wake me up from watching the game with my eyes closed. OK, I admit it, I was napping.

If am lucky enough to have some of my mother’s chicken pot pie and my baby sister’s nanner puddin’ (that’s banana pudding for you folks who ain’t from around here), I know naptime is moments away — unless I am called upon to lend my years of experience in making homemade ice cream to help churn some homemade ice cream that day. I’ve helped churn butter, but I prefer churning homemade ice cream.

Well, pumpkins are showing up in grocery stores and some roadside stands. For some folks, pumpkins are for making jack-o’-lanterns. That’s fine with me. Just save me some pumpkins for my pumpkin soup. A steaming bowl of pumpkin soup and some hot gingerbread make for a great meal or two on a cold, rainy autumn weekend.

Sometimes, a simple peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, a Moon Pie and an ice-cold … wait for it … glass of milk makes my eyelids heavy. You thought I was going to say ice-cold RC Cola, didn’t you?

Anytime a PB&J sandwich is in the mix, Southern dietary laws require an ice-cold glass of milk.

Just don’t get up in the middle of the night, pour a glass of milk and stir in some chocolate syrup — only to discover you made chocolate buttermilk.

Mike Voss is the senior member of the newsroom at the Washington Daily News.



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