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Local businesses plot Black Friday deals

Published 4:44pm Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Washington Daily News

The folks at Perfect Perks Café wanted to offer curbside service for Black Friday. They would have set up a kiosk in the parking lot, poured a cup of hot brew and completed the transaction without any patron having to turn off their engine. A little thing called a fire lane spoiled that plan, but Black Friday shoppers will still have a few perks.
“Our Perfect Perks coffee hut will open at 4 p.m. Thanksgiving afternoon and stay open all the way until 9 p.m. Friday,” said Boo Whichard, manager of the café.
Baristas will also hand deliver drinks to those standing in lines outside Walmart (yes, the 24-hour store may have lines outside this year).
As shoppers plot their strategies for the biggest shopping day of the year, local businesses have been plotting as well. Whichard said she called Walmart to see how Black Friday would be handled there and how Perfect Perks steamers (a hot frappe with a shot of espresso) could end up in the hands of their shoppers.
“We’re real excited,” she said. “This is our first Black Friday and we’re just trying to figure out how it’s all going to come together.”
Across town, Dayna Matkins said it would be business as usual at Mitchell Tractors. The local business stocks its shelves with toys and runs specials on them, but will not have extended hours.
“We’ve tried being open early and no one comes this way,” said Watkins, office manager of the Bridge Street business. “I guess they’re all at Walmart.”
Matkins said there are plenty of reasons shoppers should stop by her store.
“You’re supporting your local economy, your local tax base,” she said. “We really try to support the community we’re in. We give back to the local sheriff’s office. We give back to the local schools. We give back to local organizations.”

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