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Take back the holidays

Published 9:49pm Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ask a dozen people on the street what is the most common, all-American breakfast and you’ll most likely hear “bacon and eggs” from 10 of them. There is a reason for that and it’s called public relations.
Back in the depression era, a public relations campaign was launched to convince people, most of whom had started skipping breakfast, that a plate of bacon and eggs was the only way to start a good morning.
These days, we’re saturated with public relations and marketing campaigns. So much so that some have developed a bit of hostility about the subject, especially when it comes to that early push into the holidays. Christmas items started creeping into local stores back in September while we were all still in flip-flops and shorts.
Yes, it is premature. And yes, the bottom dollar is what is fueling that marketing push.
But, Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations of the year in our culture and those Christmas ads aren’t going anywhere.
If the holidays feel too commercialized for you, today is the perfect day to start taking them back. Start some new family traditions that have no price tags on them.
Go caroling, tell stories, play games, decorate cookies. Pull out a few paints or crayons and have the kids make a few Christmas cards. Chances are, adults will want to join in, too. These times – not your next shopping spree – are what will make lasting memories. And maybe the next time you see another holiday window display in August, it will be a reminder to make time for family and a few more holiday memories.

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