David Garris, director of operations for the Beaufort County area, demonstrates the ease of using Food Lion’s new MVP savings kiosks. When customers scan their MVP cards, the kiosks print a page of coupons that can be used in that shopping trip. MONA MOORE | DAILY NEWS

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Food Lion improvements include new jobs, fresher produce

Published 11:20pm Monday, December 2, 2013

They asked for your opinion. Now, see how much they listened.
Food Lion recently celebrated the launch of several store improvements with a “grand reopening.” The improvements were the direct results of customer surveys collected at each of its stores.
David Garris, director of operations for the Beaufort County area, said the surveys validated the issues the company had identified.
The changes were made in phases, with Beaufort County’s stores among the final 169 to see them. Local stores have initiated the changes, including adding new employees, in the last four months.
“It’s been a three-year process since we launched phase one,” Garris said. “We worked on getting stores cleaner and making them easier to shop.”
The North Carolina-based chain refers the improvements as a significant investment that included adding 500 new jobs, improving the freshness of produce, adding a new MVP Savings Center and lowering the prices of 6,000 items.
Customers can scan their MVP Card to receive personalized offers for additional savings on national and private brand products in-store during their shopping trip.
Garris has enjoyed a lower grocery bill for his household.
“When you drop the prices of 6,000 items, it affects everybody,” he said.
The ease of the shopping experience has also been at the top of Garris’ list of improvements. He said customers would notice aisles that are cleared of clutter and extra sales displays.
Customers can now scan their MVP cards at a kiosk located at the front of the stores. The kiosks print out personalized coupons that are based on previous shopping visits.
The company also improved its produce as part of its “Fresh From the Field” initiative.  Customers will experience better quality, enhanced freshness and expanded variety in Food Lion’s produce section.
“And that was improvements all along the supply chain,” said Erin Dewaters manager of external communications for Food Lion.
The company looked at shortening the time it takes for produce to get on the shelves.
Chris Holmes is fresh merchandise manager for Food Lion’s Greenville territory, which includes Beaufort County stores.
“One thing I want to make sure of in the produce department is that customers have a consistent shopping experience,” he said.
All produce departments will have identical layouts so that customers can find the same products in the same places at any of the stores.
Holmes said many of the new positions were in the produce department
In addition, Food Lion’s produce and store brand products are backed by a double-your-money-back guarantee.
In a few months, Food Lion will start another round of surveys to measure the reactions to store improvements and suggestions for any additional improvements.
“And we’re going to continue to tweak it as we go,” Garris said.
For more information, visit www.foodlion.com.

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